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Blackburn Shukokai Karate is owned and operated by Chief Instructor Sensei Richard Callaghan 6th Dan





          Sensei Richard Callaghan



Sensei Richard has operated his dojo in the Blackburn area since 1992.  The dojo moved locations in 2005 into bigger & better premises to ensure the student had access to the latest training facilities.  What we have today is a safe, clean training environment for the beginner to the advanced student and everyone in between.


Our instructors are experienced karate practioners. Our instructors have represented Australia and Victoria both nationally and internationally.  They are here to teach you karate the correct way to ensure you achieve your goal, whatever that may be - Black Belt, Self Defence or just overall Fitness and Confidence. 

We embrace the traditional values of Shukokai, blended with other Martial Arts such as Juijitsu, Arnis, Weaponary, Judo and Boxing.  The centre offers these programs: 


  • Adult, Junior (Young Warrior) & Pee Wee (Little Dragon) Karate Classes
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Self Defence Classes for Women
  • Fitness Classes
  • Fitness, Activities & Games
  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes
  • Weaponary - Budo 
  • Seminars & Demonstrations


Training programs cater for all age groups, both male and female.  Blackburn Shukokai Karate is affiliated with the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) and Kobe Osaka International (KOI) under Shihan Tommy Morris 8th Dan.  

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